3 Steps to guarantee Refactoring success.


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Code Refactoring Best Practices

Code refactoring is a messy, complex process that involves restructuring the code without changing its original functionality. The main goal of refactoring is usually to improve the internal code by making many small changes without altering the code's external behavior.

Below are three steps that would guarantee success:

  • Before starting, think and create a list of tasks that need to be done. It shouldn't, necessarily be too detailed, however, it should be clear.

  • Start with the most minor task that can be completed from the list.

  • Develop the task and test if the App is still working as expected. This ensures easier understanding when something fails or when compatibility becomes an issue.

  • The steps 1 and 2 should be repeated until the list is empty.

When the number of tasks is large, the list can be reevaluated now and then.

It is a better idea to mock data when there are pending or in-progress dependencies.

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